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Shangri-La is a Trademark owned
by Comfortex Corp.

Sample Swatches: will send you up to 10 actual samples of the fabric used in our  shades. Use them to plan your color schemes, feel the texture and durability of the fabric and then return to to place your order. Samples are shipped the next day to customers in the USA via first class mail from Vermont.

For Classic Shangri-La Light Diffusing Shades or Roomd Darkening check the colors you want and fill out your shipping information below:

Classic Light Filtering Shangri-La Color Samples

Powder White Shangri-La Sheer

Dove Off White Shangri-La Sheer

Vellum - Ivory Shangri-La Sheer

Powder (White) 2
Powder (White) 3

Dove (Off White) 2
(Not available in 3 vanes)

Vellum (Ivory) 2
Vellum (Ivory) 3

Sand Tan Shangri-La Sheer Blind

Hazelnut Beige Shangri-La Sheer Blind

Desert - Light Brown Shangri La Sheer Blinds

Sand (Tan) 2
Sand (Tan) 3

Hazelnut (Beige) 2
Hazelnut (Beige) 3

Desert (Light Brown) 2
(Not available in 3 vanes)

Moonlight Room Darkening Shangri-La Color Samples

Starlight - White Room Darkening Shangri-La Blinds

Cloud White  Room Darkening Shangri-La Blinds

Starlight (White) 2
Starlight (White) 3

Cloud White (Ivory) 2
Cloud White (Ivory) 3

Horizon - Tan Room Darkening Shangri-La Blinds

Aurora - Beige Room Darkening Shangri-La Blinds

Horizon (Tan) 2
Horizon (Tan) 3

Aurora (Beige) 2
Aurora (Beige) 3

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Sheer Blinds by Comfortex, a beautiful window treatment.
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